Spearfishing Contest

Discovery Diving Co., Inc.
414 Orange St
Beaufort, North Carolina 28516





Discovery Diving Company’s 32nd Annual

Spearfishing Tournament

June 6th - June 9th, 2019

Come out and compete!!



Flounder:  Summer, Southern, Gulf

Grouper:  Black, Gag, Red, Scamp, Yellow Mouth

Miscellaneous Fish:  ONLY:  Sheepshead, Triggerfish, Spadefish, Mackerel (King and Spanish)


You can only weigh one fish per division per day.  The actual weight of the fish will be your ranking.

You can replace that fish with a larger one within that category on any subsequent day.

Your final rank within a catagory will be based on your highest weighing fish.

You can place in all three categories.


The “money” is determined by the number of entry fees collected.

Each Category: 1st – 20% of money, 2nd – 8% of money, 3rd – 4% of money

Tournament Schedule:

Day 1:   Thursday, June 6th – Tournament begins – Weigh in 5pm – 8pm

Day 2:   Friday, June 7th – Weigh in 5pm – 8pm

Day 3:   Saturday, June 8th – Weigh in 5pm – 8pm

Day 4:   Sunday, June 9th – Weigh in 5pm – 8pm

               Awards Ceremony 8pm

lionfishroundupOFFICIAL RULES
  1. Participant's name must be provided at time of registration with Discovery Diving Company prior to 9am on the first day of fishing.  The registration fee (cash only) is $40.00, non-refundable.
  2. Registration may be done in person, by phone (252-728-2265) or by mail (address below) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  Tournament officials are not responsible for lost or delayed mail.
  3. You are not officially registered until the Entry Fee, Liability Release, and Entry forms have been received.
  4. This Spearfishing Tournament is open to everyone.  Participants must show a C-card, if using Scuba, and a current CRFL, unless the participant is on a boat that has a Blanket License, at the counting / measuring.
  5. Entrants may pursue and attain targets by means of SCUBA, free diving, and snorkeling methods.
  6. Only spearguns, pole spears, and Hawaiian slings that are loaded by muscle power will be permitted. Power heads will not be permitted.
  7. Participants are allowed to fish on any 2 of the 4 days of the tournament.
  8. No blowout days.  No rescheduling.
  9. You have to weigh in your fish on the day it was taken, no hold overs or over nights.  All fish must be shot within daylight hours.
  10. Weigh in times are:  Thursday 5pm - 8pm, Friday 5pm - 8pm, Saturday 5pm - 8pm, and Sunday 5pm - 8pm.  The fish must be at Discovery Diving during those times.  The official time will be kept by Discovery Diving.
  11. No frozen fish will be accepted.
  12. Only one fish per catagory per entrant per day will be weighed.  You can replace that fish with a larger one on any subsequent day.
  13. Any attempt to defraud or cheat in the tournament in any way will automatically disqualify the offender and all of his/her fish.
  14. Only official weights by Discovery Diving will be accepted.
  15. Do not give a competitor any fish to weigh in as their own.
  16. Knowledge of the local marine fishing laws and regulations is the entrant's responsibility and all laws will be strictly enforced.
  17. The "money" is determined by the number of entry fees collected.  Prizes will be awarded accordingly:
    1. Flounder – 1st - 20% of the money, 2nd - 8% of the money, 3rd - 4% of the money.  In the event of a tie, the decision will be determined by who had their flounder recorded first at Discovery Diving.
    2. Grouper – 1st - 20% of the money, 2nd - 8% of the money, 3rd - 4% of the money.  In the event of a tie, the decision will be determined by who had their grouper recorded first at Discovery Diving.
    3. Miscellaneous – 1st - 20% of the money, 2nd - 8% of the money, 3rd - 4% of the money.  In the event of a tie, the decision will be determined by who had their fish recorded first at Discovery Diving.
  18. You must be present to accept the awards, which will be made at 8pm on June 9th, 2019.
  19. The resolution to any issue will be by the management of Discovery Diving Co., Inc. and their decision will be final.
  20. All winners must consent to the use of their names and images for the purpose of future promotional materials.
  21. Tournament participants must catch under recreational limits.  Tournament participants cannot operate under a commercial license during the tournament and cannot hunt under commercial size and catch limits.
  22. Discovery Diving is not responsible or liable for any mishaps or accidents.  Entrants accept their own risk upon entering.

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