Cancellation Policy

Charters are requested to be at the dock no less than 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. The boats are docked at Discovery Diving Company, 414 Orange St., Beaufort, NC. and will leave the dock promptly as scheduled.

Please be aware that, at times, due to rough sea conditions and possible currents, that North Carolina wreck diving is potentially more strenuous than Florida diving. If you are planning deeper, offshore dives, please bring only capable, experienced divers. Of course, our inshore wrecks are suitable for most divers.


Individual bookings require the entire charter fee for each day as a deposit. Group deposits are handled as such; Multiple day bookings require a deposit of only one day's charter fee. If you book more than one date, only one deposit is required and it will be applied to the last trip you book for the season. However, the balance for each set of charter dates is due 30 days prior to each trip. If a deposit is not received by the specified time, the dates will be considered open for re-booking. Deposits will be refunded on cancellations received prior to thirty days from the charter date. Cancellations received with less than thirty days notice are handled as follows:

1. Groups cancelling one or multiple spots are still financially responsible for all cancelled spots on all chartered dates. Discovery Diving Company will attempt to refill cancelled spots; however, all spots not refilled will be charged to the group.

2. Individuals will be charged full price for all reservations unless Discovery Diving Company can refill the canceled spot(s).

3. If we refill a spot (for a group or for an individual) we take 10% of each refilled spot as a rebooking fee, and give the remaining 90% of each charter spot back.

4. There is an additional 3% processing fee for all cards. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. 

Deposits will be refunded on any trip WE cancel due to weather or other circumstances. Speaking of weather, WE cannot guarantee the clarity of the water or the calmness of the ocean; therefore, we cannot guarantee our ability to get to any particular wreck. Our boat captains will always attempt to get you to where you want to go, but the safety of our passengers and the vessel is always the foremost consideration. If it is not possible to get you to the primary site, it is usually possible to get you to an alternate dive site. In that case you will only be charged for the trip that was actually run, cancellation is not an option.

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