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North Carolina diving is best known for its collection of shipwrecks. There are amazing offshore ledges and shore diving locations as well. Listed below are descriptions of the sites we frequent most often.
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Vessel Type: USCG Cutter
185' x 30'
History: Commissioned 12 June 1944, the Spar began as an anti-submarine vessel engaged in convoy duty off the coast of Brazil. After the war, the Spar conducted hydrographic operations throughout the Northwest Passage where she held the unique distinction of being the first US vessel to circumnavigate the North American continent. She spent the 1980s and 90s as a Class "C" Seagoing Bouy Tender before being decommissioned on 28 February 1997.

Sinking: The Spar was sunk in June 2004 as part of North Carolina's artificial reef program.


Experience Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Depth: 70-110 ft.
Visibility: Generally 50-80 feet
Summer Temperature: 75-80 degrees

Dive Notes: With its swirling bait fish, resident school of spade fish, patrolling pelagics, and popularity with sand tiger sharks, the Spar has emerged as one of North Carolina's most popular dives. The wreck is also relatively shallow, fully intact, and penetrable, making it the ideal site for new, as well as experienced, wreck divers.

Photos courtesy of Ken Bondy and John Galbreath

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