Air Fills & Rental Gear

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Discovery Diving has a complete inventory of rental gear. In addition to weights, BCs, and regulators, we have wetsuits, dive computers, and a variety of dive accessories. We also have both aluminum 80 and 100 cubic foot tanks available to rent. With our extensive filling stations, we offer air and 30% Nitrox, and take care to fill to a tank's full working pressure. Depending on what time you get to the dive shop, we are often able to attend to your tanks while you wait. (If you're in a hurry, avoid mid-afternoons and evenings.)

To save time, download our rental agreement before you arrive.

Rental Agreements:

Air  -  Nitrox


AIR Fills

Type of Tank
Air - 80 cu. ft or less
Air - Greater than 80 cu. ft.
Nitrox - 80 cu. ft or less
Nitrox - Greater than 80 cu. ft. 

Tank Rentals

(Prices listed are Per Day)

Type of Tank  Price
 Aluminum 80 (Air)  $6
 Aluminum 100 (Air)  $11
 Aluminum 80 (Nitrox)  $13
 Aluminum 100 (Nitrox)  $19

SCUBA Equipment

(Prices listed are First Day/Additional Days)

Equipment Type  Price
 Regulator: $9 / $8
 BCD: $9 / $8
 Dive Computer:  $18 / $15 
 Depth/Pressure Gauge: $3 / $3
 Weights: $2 / $2
 Weight Belt: $2 / $2

Dive Accessories

(Prices listed are per day)

Equipment Type   Price
 Mask:  $3
 Fins:  $3
 Compass:  $3
 Snorkel:  $1
 Scooter:  $20
 Dive Bag:  $2

Exposure Protection

(Prices listed are First Day/Additional Days)

Type of Equipment  Price
 Full Wetsuit:  $10 / $9
 Wetsuit Top:  $7 / $6
 Wetsuit Bottom:  $5 / $4
 Hood:  $2 / $2
 Booties:  $3 / $2

U/W Bike Race

eventsiconJoin us on July 4th for this annual event benefitting the Children's Mile of Hope.

Lionfish Tournament

eventsiconWe need your help to make Carteret County's 6th Annual "If you Can't Beat 'em, Eat 'em" Spearfishing Tournament a success! This Tournament is a joint effort between Discovery Diving and Eastern Carolina Artificial Reef Association (ECARA).

Treasure Hunt

eventsiconFood, prizes, diving, and fun! Proceeds benefit the Mile Hope Children's Cancer Fund and DAN's research in diving safety.


2013Join us in support of the East Carolina Artificial Reef Association.  Click here for more info on this great event and how you can help to bring more Wrecks to the Graveyard of the Atlantic.