Discovery Diving Co., Inc.
414 Orange St
Beaufort, North Carolina 28516


This course is designed to give the diver the necessary skills and knowledge for establishing and maintaining Salt Water aquariums.

(This is not a PADI Specialty course.)


Prerequisite certification is PADI Open Water Diver or an equivalent certification. The Fish Identification Course is recommended.

Minimum Age


Class Description
  • Classroom Lectures will cover:
    1. Aquarium Construction Ideas
    2. Maintenance
    3. Capture Techniques
    4. Transporting
    5. Decompression Techniques
    6. Oxygen Use
    7. Bagging Fish
  • Open Water Dive(s)
Equipment Requirements:
  • Full SCUBA including submersible pressure gauge and an alternate air source
  • Compass
  • Dive Knife
  • Whistle
  • Depth Gauge
  • Dive Timer
  • Slate with Pencil
  • Goody Bag
  • Collecting Net
Before Class:

$105.00 First day includes beach dive.
$165.00 Second day includes half-day boat dive.
$270.00 Total for both days.